At Feel the Rhythm, our mission is to provide our students with a space that allows them to express themselves freely with no judgment. We want to give our students a positive space that provides structure, fun and life-time memories and friends while developing a passion for the art of dance and performing.

Feel the Rhythm Dance Studio is not just a dance studio, but a family. Our goal is to teach our students to love and appreciate the art of dance while also building life-long friendships. Our instructors take a unique approach to working with our students to push them and help them grow into the best dancer they can be. We at FTR want nothing more than to help each individual grow in technique and choreography memorization while also promoting self-confidence and a strong work ethic that they can take with them for years to come. At Feel the Rhythm, we believe the best dancers are well-versed in numerous styles. We offer ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, modern, musical theatre/character and pointe.

At FTR your child will learn the importance of hard-work, dedication, and teamwork!

FTR's Concentrations

                      * physical fitness                   * muscle control
                      * coordination                       
* flexibility

                      * endurance                           * strength                 

                      * good work ethic                  * balance                  

                      * grace, poise, posture           * positive discipline     

                      * encourage self-confidence  * performance

Tons of FUN!!!