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Class Descriptions

Ballet | Tap | Jazz | Hip Hop | Lyrical | Modern | Musical Theatre | Pointe
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Ballet (Ages 2.5+)

Ballet is a style of dance that is taught to all students at Feel the Rhythm. Ballet is the basis of all forms of dance. We teach proper technique and body alignment while learning the basics and building upon them as our students get older. Ballet can be defined by its fluid and precise movements. Ballet is a very graceful style of dance that teaches students discipline in the very proper way one carries themselves through the movements. 

Tap (Ages 2.5+)

Tap is another style that all students partake in at Feel the Rhythm. Tap is a percussive form of dance that requires precise timing and movement. Tap is a very rhythmic style of dance.


Jazz (Ages 3+)

Jazz is our third style of dance that is offered to all students at Feel the Rhythm. Jazz is a fun, energetic dance form that is based off of the fundamentals of Ballet. Jazz incorporates kicks, jumps and turns and is an upbeat dance style. 


Hip Hop (Ages 5+)

Hip Hop is offered to our students after we've determined their jazz basics are steady. Hip Hop is an even more upbeat style of dance that allow students to show off their "attitude" and "sass." Hip Hop is a style of dance that is often seen on competitive dance shows and in popular music videos.


Lyrical (Ages 8+)

Lyrical is an extremely graceful and fluid form of dance that tells a moving story. Our students begin Lyrical once they've hit an age where their ballet technique is solid and they can flow easily through the movements. Lyrical is emotionally driven and requires a lot of musicality. 

Musical Theatre (Ages 11+)

Feel the Rhythm offers Musical Theatre to our older students in place of Jazz. We use our Jazz basics and technique and take it a step further to perform numbers you would see in a Broadway Show. Musicality and performance are two focuses of our Musical Theatre style of dance.

Modern (Ages 12+) 

Modern takes on many different meanings depending on where you look or study. For Feel the Rhythm, Modern is a style where we stray from the norm. We combine fluid movements with hard-hitting choreography. Modern dance allows for free movement and expression.

Pointe (Ages 13+)

Pointe is an advanced style of dance offered only to our students who have worked diligently on their Ballet technique through the years. Only our oldest, most advanced classes are offered Pointe classes. Pointe is an advanced style of Ballet.

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*The age ranges listed are only a reference.

All placements are based on each individual student's age, experience, ability and maturity!*

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